Tuesday, 13 March 2007


Not been on for a while as my college work is taking over for the next 2 months. I have a essay due in this week, one due in 2 weeks after that which I haven't started doing yet. I then have 2 power point presentations and a project to complete by the end of April, so busy busy. My blogging is likely to be hit and miss over the coming weeks.

But I am trying to squeeze some scrapbooking in, just to relax me.

Firstly this week I completed a challenge on Carolines craftz forum. The challenge was to use as many pics as possible and to include the word hippopotamus. My theme was beach, pool and the jounallying reflected Daniel and Alex's love of the water. They are like little hippos and are always submerged in water.

My second challenge this week, also for caroline's was to do a page about me. This was inspired as it was independent woman day. I am quite happy doing pages about me know as I have gained confidence thru doing the UKS BOM prompts with Roz and Kirsty. This one listed who I am, what i like, and how I am. I include all my good points as well as my bad points.

My last LO was for my BOM prompts set by Roz. This month's was to paint your hands and express journalling about the role of your hands. This was hard as I have never done a LO without a picture but once I started the journalling painted the picture I wanted.I decided to take it down to basics. I wrote journalling specific to the lines on my hands.

The titles read " I have 10 fingers and they all belong to me. I can make them do things, do you want to see!"

The first line is the heart line which reads: this line represents matters of my heart, my emotion, well being and love. My hands are needed within my mothering role and help me love my children. They nature them, sooth them and give them a helping hand. My hands show my love for my husband with a gentle stroke of the cheek or a passionate hug.

My life line represents vitality and vigour, my physical health and general well being. My hands help me achieve vitality and vigour; they groom my skin and hair and make me feel great. My hands help me at the gym sometimes in achieving good physical health.

My head line represents my mind, the way it works, thinks, learning style, thirst for knowledge and communication. My hands help me achieve this in the way they help me communicate thru my art, hobbies and scrapbooking. My hands help me search for knowledge in my work as a lab technician and in my studies at college in natural science.

I love my fat, stubby hands as they are so versatile!

I will leave you with a brief extract of my essay so you can see how boring it is. I'd much rather be doing something crafty instead.

" With the formation of a solid crust, the low density substances within the crust became expelled as gases to form an early atmosphere. This early atmosphere consisted of gases similar to those found in volcanic regions today, mainly water in the form of steam, carbon dioxide, hydrogen and other trace gases such as sulphur dioxide, nitrogen, chlorine and methane. This early atmosphere was remarkably different than today’s atmosphere as it contained large volumes of carbon dioxide. Over the course of millions of years this early atmosphere continued to change. This was a result of meteorite bombardment and the changing composition of the substances within the Earths mantle"

Bye for now

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