Friday, 30 May 2008

Its worse than a handbag.......

I have decides to reclaim my dinning table. Currently it is used to house my laptop, printer and mound of college stuff. But since college has now finished for the summer, wayhay, its all getting packed away.

So the printer and laptop are now back in the craft room as is my new love, the sewing machine. Just need to tidy a pile of craft rejects and its done.

So whilst i was in the craft room getting ready i decided to sort all my tools etc for next weeks holiday of a life time to scrap-a-ganza, another wayhay. I emptied my tote bag and OMG, what a pile old crap had accumulated at the bottom of it. Its like a black hole and definitely worse than my mum's handbag (i don't have a handbag, all my essentials go in my pockets, i travel light, lol).


So whilst i was sorting it all in to piles of button, flowers and ribbons etc i decided to quickly decorate some little favour boxes i was practicing on with the silhouette. Made from scraps.

Not bad for a beginner and its 4 years since i did my last wedding stuff, lol

Anyway that's me done but i may be back with the sewing LO i started, good job shabby chic is all the rage, mine is definitely on the shabby side, lol.

Thanks for all the comments, guys, i do appreciate them, makes me really happy somebody likes my stuff

Bye for now



jay670120 said...

great little boxes sarah . i made boxes like this for christmas place settings .
my big table needs sorting too but theres no way im taking pics xxx

dddeeebbbzzz said...

It's not only my table which needs sorting but the whole room - well actually it may be the whole house!! Love the boxes! I made similar ones using my Robo for the kids at school at Easter time.

Enfys said...

Great boxes! I need some!!!!!