Sunday, 7 March 2010

My New love

I have to introduce you to my new love. Mumford & Sons: Sigh no more

Here is a review of the album and i just have to aggree. I have had it on and just wrote 1000 words on essay which is unusual as i have to write in silence.

Energetically framed with banjo breaks and close harmonies, ‘Sigh No More’ centrepiece ‘Roll Away Your Stone’ is Mumford & Sons in microcosm: acoustic guitars chug along, strings are plucked frenetically, Marcus Mumford sings of souls, going too far and broken dreams whilst the band, in strident harmonies, supports the sentiment with dynamic skill coming out their ears.

As debuts go, ‘Sigh No More’ is confessional storytelling of high and handsome quality. The likes of ‘White Blank Page’ and the title track itself sound like long-held folk melodies direct from English fields, heartily-emotioned crescendic swells and lovelorn, angsty lyrics to span centuries. Not that this is a self-indulgent slab of nostalgia; if Elbow, or Daniel Johnston, released ‘I Gave You All’, it’d be hailed as a stroke of genius. The fact is that it could also have been written by Henry VIII in ragey Brian Blessed mode is an added bonus.

‘Sigh No More’ is an album that delivers everything, in fact, that good indie music is about: melodies, self-searching lyrics, energy, misunderstanding and an often-scabrous quiver of tales torn direct from the soul. It’s just that it takes cues more from Cardiacs and John Renbourn rather than Kasabian or Pixies. Classy stuff.

It just so reminds me of my favourite artists from when i was a late teen, stone roses, sea horses, early REM. Love it.

You can listen to them on My Space or watch them on You Tube. Or just go buy the album, its a £10 in Tesco.

Happy Listening


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JoFY said...

I've had this album for a month or so and I LOVE IT!!!! played it non stop - foot stompingly good! LOVE IT!!
Jo x