Sunday, 28 November 2010

Let it snow, let it snow.....NOT

We have had a major dusting of snow in the last 3 days which has pretty much had us snowed in. I hate it when it blocks up the drive and we spend days digging out the car, but not this year, lol, i have a valid excuse. It just had a baby and have stitches, lol.

Here are some pics.

THe main road, above

This should be the drive

THe drive again, above.

Our cosy cottage, above


But the snow does make it all look pretty.

Imagine dragging a pram down that drive. DH is putting it on a sledge tomorrow, lol
And i doubt the boys will be going to school tomorrow as their buses wont make it up the hill!



Kirsti said...

I've had enough already Sarah...can't imagine how you must be feeling..Aberdeenshire only has 6 schools open today!! Let's hope it's gone soon..take care..kirsti xx

Steph said...

Hi Sarah, Your cottage looks so beautiful nestled in the snow. I know what a pain it is tho..i'm at my folks in Fife and we are up to the neck in it too!! Hope you and Rebecca are well, Stephanie x