Monday, 2 January 2012

Project 365

So its that time of year again when we make all those resolutions to loose weight, go the gym, save money, do some craft classes etc etc blah de blah, knowing damn well that we just will not fulfil those resolutions. But i found an app on my iphone for the project 365 and i felt this could be doable. I simply take a pic each day and the app saves it, then i can do craft projects at the end of the month, syn to my fb as a memory log and update on my blog. I should be able to do this in theory, lol.

So far i have

01.01.2012 Starters on NYD

02.01.2012 Taking the decs down

Blogger playing nicely today using google chrome and i phone pics. Will try my camera pics and picassa tomorrow

TFL Sarah

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