Tuesday, 13 March 2012


So its been awhile, i seem to be constantly saying that. BUt i am slowly becoming a non crafter. Rebecca has such a aversion to my craft pit. She is better since i rearranged it as now she can get into my tool cupboard. So for the cost of having to put it all away after she has left, i can get around 2 hours out of her. And she looks so angelic doesnt she, not!!!


I have a sneak peak for you of tomorrows Bubbly ( or i would if blogger wasnt boiling my blood! and photobucket wasnt posting my pics with bits cut off!)


And a mother's Day gift i have been working on.


And a rubber duckie themed nursery canvas, its the cutest.


And here is a tune that is rocking my world at the moment. Gotye, beautiful song.

Until next time, TFL

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Ali said...

Oh wow, Sarah, she is so beautiful! And isn't she looking grown up?!

Oh and I am *addicted* to that Gotye song! I love it so much! I downloaded it and I sometimes put it on repeat on the computer while I'm crafting! :lol:

P.S. D'you know you've got word verification turned on on your blog? Seems Blogger has turned it on by default on everyone's blogs when they updated it to the new two-word system - I didn't even know I had it turned on on my blog till someone told me!!