Sunday, 24 June 2007

I am a bad blogger

We have had such a busy week that i ahve not had time to drop in. Keith booked us a last minute holiday to Rhodes so frantically packing and sorting for that.

I joined a team over on UKS to give me a kick up the bum with my scrapping. I am now a Charli's Angel. I have just completed my first challenge.

out with the old,in with the new

This is my first weekly challenge since i joined the wonderful charli's angels team.

This Challenge was quite fitting as this week i told my boss i had applied for a university place a s a mature student and that i would be resigning for september.

The journalling reflects the fact that i am leaving the job i love but am currently not 100% happy with to try new things which untimatly will benefit the family.

the journallimg reads
Yes i am sad to leave the job as a school technician but i will have more family time. Yes we will be poor, very pooh but more relaxed and happy.

It will be hard for the next 3 years but it will be worth it in the long run. I am doing it for the family.

Along the bottom i have listed all the things i feel whilst completing this LO
Imagine, adventure, new beginning, seize the day, believe, yes, the first step is the hardest, all part of life's journey, what if i hate it, it will be worth it.

I used new hamly overlays and paper from a Carolinez craftze kitz on the LO and old funky foam that i had to have 3 years ago when i first started scrapping and never used!

I did not have a pic of work or college so decided to use some witty cartoons from the internet. Here they are full size.

College life

Working mum

Off to tidy my well and truely christened craft room as i have trashed it. But now i can just shut the door and walk away and nobody knows what a mess it is except me, LOL

Bye for now

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Emma_byford said...

I totally know how tough it is to blog all the time!!! THings just always seem to crop up!! I love this layout, has so many textures and layers, it doesn't look all flat, very pretty x