Sunday, 10 June 2007

I have a new craft room

We decided to start the craft room for me yesterday as the weather was so pants and we could not do any gardening. The room is a conservatory on the front of the cottage (porch really) meaqsuring just under 2m x 3m. After a major scrub and clean and the removal of all our junk it was ready for some rearranging. We placed the large ex dining room table in and our old comfy armchair. Keith made me a book case to house all the essentials and i utilised an old bookcase for storage boxes.

I stuck to the red to match the armchair and accessaries. The furniture is all solid dark wood and the new bookcase will also be stained dark. I wanted it to be modern and practical with a comfy old feel to match the granite stone work of the conservatory walls and the rest of the cottage.

All the red accessaries are from the living room from before we decorated and changed the colour scheme. It is not finished as the wallpaper still needs to go up and a carpet needs to go in. Keith is going to build me some 12 x 12 cubes for the large bookcase for my paper and then i will be all set. My wireless laptop and printer works great in here as well so I am ready to start scrapping. Just a pity I have lost my mojo and have no inspiration in me at the moment.

Keith has just popped in and passed comment that is this where i can be found from now on, too right it is, LOL

Bye for now


Mary B said...

Your Room Looks absolutely super, hope you find your mojo in there

Pam said...

Have fun in your new room. Love your LOs on sprinkles>

Sharon said...

Hi Sarah
Just popped on to see your blog. Your craft room looks fantastic, great to have so much natural light.
BTW I'm sharon, I've been emailing you through UK scrappers about coming to the Scrapattack event in Macduff. I can't wait!!