Friday, 9 November 2007

Other crafty projects occupying my hands

As i am a student now and on a budget, i have decided to make my own Chritmas presents.

Here is my first one. It is a candle. I saw something similar in a magazine so adapted it to my needs. Here is how i made it.

1. Select the candle. I went for a large white one.

2. select your photo and print. I turned mine black and white for a more traditional effect. I made a rough template of the size of image to fit the candle and then printed onto white vellum paper.

3. I attached the vellum using a narrow double sided tape top and bottom on the paper and secured down the seam using tiny heart shaped brads pushed into the candle.

4. Attach a strip of christmas paper and ribbon to cover the DS tape at the bottom.

5. Attach ribbon at the top to cover DS tape.

6. I made a chain of fine silver wire threaded with varius sized beads and then wrapped it around the candle.

7. I embellished with Queen and co felt fusion in white.

Do remember to explain this is a gift and not to be used as a candle if you make one yourself.

What do you think, would you be happy to recieve this as a gift for xmas. Leave a comment and let me know.

Here is a little peak at my latest project- a christmas advent calendar screen for my fire place. It is a big job and taking me longer than i expected.



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