Friday, 9 November 2007


Were do i start. Firstly some pics from the cyber crop over at uks.
This first one was for Mary Anne's magpie moments challenge. This got second prize in the end which wins me a 3 month's subscription to scrapbook inspirations and will maybe go in the mag.

This one was for the point to it challenge

And this one was for the digital quote challenge and shows my mum in all her witchy glory, lol

I also have a LO for the interhouse monthly challenge which i also won this month.

I finally got round to making a LO of Alex's nativity play from last year as well.

Here are a few more. The quality is not great as camera is pants at the moment.
This was for the home decor class. I did not get the kit so used my own stash. i made a plaque for my craft room using a paper mache heart base that i got at our scrapattack blonde moments event.

I then got carried away and could not stop making little alphabets. I made name plated for the boys doors. They again were originally door handle hangers that i customised for them by putting a picture of them in the handle gap.

Then there was the ATC calendar as well.\Now this is a really bad shot.

And finally the what no paper challenge. I decided to make myself a ribbon box for all my hundreds of ribbons. It is so handy being able to see at a glance what i have to match my LO.

And i think that is finally it for UKS cyber crop stuff.


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