Friday, 20 June 2008

Over due post

I havent blogged for a while for a number of reasons. I have been busy with little projects with the boys school which included gardening with the eco schools group. I donated lots of strawberry plants, rhurbarb and herbs. All things that they can grow and aactually use in their school canteen. We had a tidy up and the group of pupils i had where really well behaved and a credit.

Next it was sports day at school. Both mine are not very competitive but really enjoy sports, whixh is what it is all about. The day was dry but very cloudy and very very cold.

I have been baking for the upcoming school fete. I dont usually bake but decided to have a play. I made walnut chocolate brownies and apple blondies.

We recently had visitors up here in cold scotland. My uncle dave and his partner patsie came to stay at my parents. Dave is my dad's older, milder brother and a different kettle of fish than my dad, lol

We all went out for a day drip to the Black isle near inverness. It was a strange day weather wise as i think we experienced them all except snow! We ended up at shin Falls which is a loverly place, There is even a harrods shop. We had a picknic planned but it was raining so hard that we had to take cover under the BBQ area.

And lastly but most importantly, i have my second year uni exam results back. I worked really hard for this but was really stressing over that disastrous risk exam. Well it turned out ok it seems. I got an A for microbiology, B for marine biology, B for scientific investigation 2 and a B for interpretating risk. I am so pleased and can now look forward to my 3rd year.

Thanks it for now


Sharon said...

congratulations on the exam results!!

jo said...

Love the Falls of Shin - have been camping up there - and the bannoffi pie in the Harrods cafe is scrummy!!