Monday, 8 September 2008

Challenge 2

Its slightly late as i was too busy enjoying myself at our fantastic craft weekend featuring Dyan Reavely, but that's a whole other huge post to follow, lol

So here is challenge 2.

This week is all about food for thought. When in doubt, eat cake. Why not take a trip to your favourite bakers or walk to the cake section in the local supermarket instead of taking the alternative route past it like I do!.

Splurge on a fancy fruit tart, go for a full fat triple whipped cream sticky bun or a very fattening double chocolate fudge cake.

Its up to you what you buy as your treat but take a picture of it before you take time to indulge. Create a LO of your chosen cake and describe why its your favourite, and how it feels to take time to eat your treat. Be as bold as you want.

Here is my LO. As you may know I don’t eat chocolate as it causes huge migraines but every now and then I will indulge in a special chocolate cake and blow the headache. I just couldn’t resist buying these little home bakes when I spotted then in a trendy cafĂ© window.

And here is a picture of the prize that will be added to the box this week. A gorgous little & gypsies matchbook kit, so cute.

I hope you can join in soon. Head over to the forum to see all the rules and info.

Happy eating


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