Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Did you see......QVC

I got to watch QVC craft day for most of the day yesterday as the boys were watching movies in there room or on the wii.

So i sat and indulged my shopping senses, not that i bought anything as i am like the queen now adays, and carry no money, lol

I had a shopping list wrote down but as most of the american crafts stuff i wanted sold out i am hopeing there is some left for DH to get me for xmas.

But did you see Becks Fagg demonstrating all the new creativity life stuff and show caseing the scrapbook apprentice participants stuff. I saw loads of the other girls stuff but not a sausage of mine. But they were there.

The loverly Mel posted this link for me and it shows the Sweet LO i made. This is the one that is up in the voting list. You can see it here. The lo is in the flock demo and is about half way thru the clip.

The voting is still up for this month before it starts all over again for January.

Speaking of which, i had a flash of inspiration for the next month's challenge which is to use cardstock only. I never do CS only LO's as i have to have my PP on there. But i was inspired and got snippy with my scissors. No sneak peak yet.

Anyway, off to food shop soon, arh, i forsee a nightmare.

see you soon


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misteejay said...

I missed a lot of the craft day on QVC cos I went to get food shopping yesterday (yep, be prepared for a nightmare - anyone would think the stores were never gonna open again by the way some folk were shopping).

I have been voting for you in the 'apprentice' and continue to have everything crossed.

Have a great Christmas Sarah.

Toni :o)