Thursday, 26 February 2009

Mini Retreat

I have not been very productive recently, as college is taking over at the moment. I have an essay due every two weeks until the end of April now so its a busy time.

So this mini retreat with the girls from my crop is just what i need to detox before i get very stressed out.

I have packed, tini suitcase. One very large 12 x 12 hanging box complete with all my stash. One pizza box full of UFO's (Un finished objects, lol), one pizza box for of kits, classes i want to try, one pizza box full of alphas and essentials such as ribbons on blooms. I have my tote and tools plus a 12 x 12 carry tote for forgotton things i can just throw in. Oh and my massive cutting mat from my table. Oh and my laptop and hopefully printer if i can get a cartridge tomorrow.

So do you think i have too much, lol

This is where we are going.

Cant wait to get there tomorrow now and i will be back with plenty of pictures hopefully

Bye for now


misteejay said...

Have a super time.

Toni :o)

jo said...

Hope you have a fab weekend Sarah - I am going there just for the day in a couple of weeks.

kelly said...

ahh i wanna cum tut im so jelous!!!

daydreamer said...

what a fabulous place for a crop, have a great time
Rach x