Sunday, 7 February 2010

Our grand day out

As a belated treat for Alex's birthday, as his last one got cancelled due to excessive snow!, we hit Aberdeen yesterday. We went to the new shopping mall at Union Square and to the cinema's.

I had no joy in my heart for the film he picked, Avatar. It just didnt appeal to me at all and i just wanted to know what the whole point of the 3D thing was. I even tried to persuade him to go see Alvin and the chipmonks. But he wasnt having that.

So we paid a furtune, £60 in all (if you include the petrol to get there)for the experience.

But boy did i have a massive about turn. The film was bright, vivid, and beautiful. The whole experience in 3D was just so good. We found ourselves ducking away from arrows and spears and wanting to reach out and touch the screen.

I would recommend it to anybody and those 3D glasses as so cool, Alex looks like a young Michael Caine, lol



Photographing Mom said...

I was pleasantly surprised when we went to see Avatar, too. In boys just weren't impressed, but I was ready to go see it again. :o)

Sharon said...

You summed up the film exactly the way Ifelt about it. I even wrote in my 365 journal that I loved the bright and vivd colurs of the film. It definitely is one that I'd recommend others watch - just so beautiful!
Did you go to the new Hobbycraft at Union Square?

Sarah (UKS Smelly) said...

I certainly did sharon. I loved it, something for everybody.