Sunday, 6 February 2011

And so it begins

So all the christmas goodies have finally been polished off so its now time to join weight watchers. I was really careful as to what i ate when i was pregnant as being bigger anyway, i had excess to spare, lol. So after birth i was exackly the same size as pre pregnancy. I lost a bit more in the first few weeks with lack of appertite, energy, mobility etc but then weeks of being snowed in, christmas and babe disrtubing the eating routine have meant i have piled it all back on again.

So off i went to WW on thursday. Imagine my shock when i realised i had put 2 stone back on in the 12 wks since Rebecca was born. So its a good job i bit the bullet.

So far all is going well. I have been cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

Here are just a few pics.

A chicken Chow mein

Breakfast sausage and mushroom muffin

Will post some more soon and weight loss!"££%^^&*&(*^&^%^*(


misteejay said...

Good on you - your cooking looks fab...can I have the muffin......LOL

Toni xx

Erika said...

Loving the new look blog. Sarah good luck with the diet...I need to loose some after Christmas too.

Anne said...

Good luck Sarah. I have put a stone on during pregnancy so soon I will be trying to loose that. I love the new look blog. x