Saturday, 26 March 2011


I stumbled across this on a blog somewhere and thought it might be fun to do for a while. So here goes

listening - to Mumford and Sons.

eating - a weight watchers pro points diet and having mixed feelings!

drinking - lots of water, my favourite drink.

wearing - my PJ's, dont seem to have time to get dressed properly at the mo with a new babe in arms.

feeling - overwhelmed by life sometimes.

weather - very spring like today.

wanting - Cheese on toast followed by a big bar of chocolate, both of which i am allergic to

needing - lots of sleep.

thinking - I need to tidy my craft pit as i am overflowing into the living room!

enjoying - Having my little babe and indulging my pink side

wondering - what weight watcher delights await me tomorrow!!!!

And i willleave you with this. So cute but it strangly doesnt look like her really




Ali said...

Awwww bless! What a cute photo! :)

Mia has just started really smiling properly in the last few days and it's SO adorable! :D

Hope you feel a bit less overwhelmed very soon. :)


Kirsti said...

Aaaw what a cutie pie she is...can't wait to meet her...will have to have a meet up sometime...and what a fab idea...I am going to pinch fact I am going to do it RIGHT now...heehee.....XXX