Monday, 7 March 2011

Seperated at birth

Its a busy old time at the moment and i am typing one handed whilst holding the finger chewing monkey in the other but i will be back later with a crafty update.

So the reason for this post. I have 2 LO's sitting on my mantle piece and was struck by the resemblance between Dan and Rebecca. People sat they see bits of both boys, esprecially with Alex in the just boyz LO a few posts below. But look at this.

This is Dan at 6 months

This is Rebecca a few weeks ago at about 14wks

Uncanny eh, lol. So wish i had one of Alex to compare properly with.


Peas in a pod, all of them.

Can you tell i love scrapping my kids, lol

Tfl as always



Erika said...

Very alike Sarah I would go so far to say "peas in a pod" and very cute ones too. x

misteejay said...

You're a mum so it's expected

Toni :o)

Steph said...

Definately three little peas in a pod, Sarah,..and cute peas too!! lol Steph xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah Long time since I last visit!!!
WoW your babies are so `beautiful`..hope your all well...big (((hugs))) xxx