Saturday, 23 April 2011

Baby head gear

Some i am branching out into the world of headbands. Not really, but craft time is limited but i can russle up these in a few minutes.

The flowers are fabric ones left over from scrapbook apprentice a few years ago, not sure of the make but they are loverly. I also made a pink one with all sparkly sequins, lol, noting like a bit of bling for my girl.




Tracy said...

So sweet, and such a clever idea to bling them up.

Kirsti said...

Really sweet sarah...have you been over to Wee Tooties on Facebook..Emma does amazing hair accessories...x

weewiccababe said...

cute headbands Sarah - and wow, she looks so much like you!

Ali said...

Oh wow, thosea are fab!! And she looks adorable in it! I love headbands on babies.. I had a few outfits for DD1 that had matching headbands or headscarfs etc but she was a tinker and wouldnever keep them on!! (Should have known really - even when she was 4 days old on neonatal unit she was pulling out the scalp wires while they were trying to do an EEG trace! :lol:)