Friday, 31 August 2007

I am so angry

I have just spent many PM's backwards and forwards to the loverly Mary Ann over at UKS. Some narrow minded person had made a complaint about our thread advertising our big scrap attack event. They listed that we where making a profit from this event and in those circumstances we should be removed from advertising our event in the non profit crop section. I understand Mary Ann's position regarding the rules and i thank her for helping me get the post back up and running.

My issues regarding this are that we are not making any profit from this event. We are Aberdeenshire Craft Group, a bunch of craft minded ladies who are interested in trying new things and introducing these new ideas to the area. The area is very limited in supplies and i personally only have one good craft shop for me to purchase stash from. The price we have charged people to attend covers the hotel hire and the teachers time and kit only. We are lucky to have the scrapbooking superstar Dyan from Blonde moments but only because we have worked hard to get a professional to travel this far north. We as a group have provided many extra's out of our own pockets and Sandra most certainly will cover any shortfalls her self.

I am just annoyed that people have nothing better to do than try and ruin our event before it has even taken place. We are not a business and should be congratualed in my opinion on trying to bring things to the area. If you dont like what we are doing, then stay away, keep it to yourself and let us enjoy our time. Sorry if this upsets anyone but it is so unfair when people but you down for trying your best.

On a positive note, i have finished my new Masterchef entry. I struggled with this as we could only use cardstock, inks, paint, stamps and basic tools. But i am quite pleased with the out come. The LO represents a then and now glimpse of Alex's life.

I am off to finish a LO i started using the loverly sketch from beverley over at the crop till you drop blog. Will be back later when it is finished. I also need to back an over night bag for the big event tomorrow, Yeh

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Sharon said...

Hi Sarah
Someone told me yesterday at the event about all the hassle you had with the thread being removed. I am sure you are not alone at being angry and disappointed.
Your group has to be congratulated on bringing such a "big name" in the scrapbooking circle to the NE of Scotland.