Wednesday, 15 August 2007


Whilst i remember i am thru to another round of Masterchef. Caroline and the sprinkles girls are running a competition for a new design team member over at sprinkles. It is a knock out type of competition with each round being voted on by the public and members of the forum.

Here is the qualifying round entry

The main photo was made digitally and all the writting is very personal to me. It makes for deep reading if you every get the chance

Here is my entry for round 1, which also got me thru to the next round. The challenge was to use only cardstock and ribbons, nothing else

Here is my entry for round 2, which also got me thru to the next round. The challenge was to use a 12 x 12 piece of card stock, 3 x 1/2 sheets of patterned paper, a large bllom, 2 x 12" lengths of ribbon, 3 x buttons and a slide mount. Basic tools and printer where allowed.

The next round has been set. We can use anything we like but the subject has to be non human or animal. I am finding this hard as i only scrap me, the boys or clause.

The competition is getting tougth as there are some really talented girls entering. But the voting system is disheartening sometimes and we have to rely on the honestly of voting being done fairly and hopeing excess family members dont just sign up in order to put somebody thru to the next round, or it becomes a popilarity contest and not a talent competition, (thats me done with the sour grape moaning, LOL)

Fingers crossed i come up with something good enough for the next round.

Will keep you up to date.


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Monika said...

wow love your layouts. Great CJ too.