Thursday, 13 September 2007

A long post is due i think!

I have alot to update with as i have not been very frequent.

Firstly i did not make it thru to the next round of the masterchef competition over on sprinkles. I am absolutely gutted as i gave it my all this time. I went out of my confort zone and embraced the use of paints, inks and stamps to creat something quite different to my usual style but something you couls still tell was mine. I wanted something that i was happy to enter with and would not be changed once the comp was finished, I was pround to put the finished LO into Alex's album. I will certainly use the techniques used again. I was disapointed to be booted out as i am a active menber of carolines and would have loved to have been on the DT especially as i have a lot more spare time on my hands now with no work. My mum did say that my LO's are complicated and would not be easy to reproduce but that is tought. I scrapbook for me and if i dont like the page i have done then what is the point. I am not comprimising my style for anyone. It seems that in this case my style was obviously not what the DT members were looking for. I will continue to enjoy my self doing what i do for me.

Here are a few pictures finally of the projects i made using the NSD kit i won at sprinkles. These projects are made with just half of one kit.

The first is a hand bag book that was in the goody bags foe the scrap attack event. I made one up for dispaly to show what could be done with it. I also sent it to MIL for her Birthday this week and she shed a tear apparently.

Next i made some cards. I used these for one of the challenges at the big event.

and finally a little maze book. I took so many non humans pictures for one of the masterchef rounds. They were mainly the flowers in my garden so i decided to put them in a little mini book. I chose all the flowers that were bright and matched the patterns of the kit.

And here they all are together.

That's the mamouth post over i think.


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