Tuesday, 18 September 2007

More stuff from the NSD kit

I have done another LO with the kit i won from carolinez craftz kitz. I was saving this piece for something special.

I decided to use it in my new BOM LO. This month's prompt from Roz was to scrap sometthing somebody had said about you. This was going to be hard as i have been a cow to live with over the last few weeks. Stress with college, change in lifestyle and finance, plus the added worry of grandad being ill in england again.

I asked the boys for something nice about me and got from Alex"ask dan, he likes you better" I then asked mum and dad and got blank faces. They then preceded to real of a list of my short comings before eventually giving me some nice things.

I used the red cardstock to highlight my negative side and the girly pinky/ orange for all tye nice things. I added the words with a journaliing stencil which give it a sort of abstract look.

The little checked paper was K & Co and the B & W strip and text paper on the flower was by elsie.

Off to do another one with some more tonight, I am on a roll.

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