Wednesday, 23 January 2008

BIA Maze book

I love making little maze books. They are so quick to make and they look just stunning. I make alot for swaps on UKS. Whilst making one recently i wondered what it would look like with a BIA fastening instead of the traditional ribbon, so i tried it. I was overjoyed with the result and found it hard to part with for the swap.

So i decided to make another one. This one was started at the demo day at Sandra's new shop. I used the blonde moments new range for the covers and decorated the inside with more blonde moments and love elsie papers and cotton self adhesive papers.

I embellished with coordinated pink and green buttons and matching white, black and brown ribbon. I used a brown 3/4 " BIA wire to keep it together.

I am so in to pink and Love at the moment, lol

Thanks for looking


Lillykins said...

This looks fantastic - are there any instructions anywhere as I'd love to have a go ?

Gem said...

I've never seen a BIA Maze Book before, and yours is beautiful.
Thanks for posting it and the above instructions.

Sharon said...

Your maze book is lovely Sarah, great colours.

Can I ask what type of pen you used to draw the freehand white lines around the borders of the page? It is nice and thick.