Monday, 21 January 2008

Crafty weekend

Firstly i completed challenge 2 for the 52 scrapbook challenges by Elsie Flannigan. I used a hambly overlay on this LO. It was the woodgrain one which was quite contempary. This lended itself to a funky LO i think.

Next i made a word book, Love. This project was based on the bo bunny books
The book was made using 2 sheets of A4 mountboard. Each sheet was cut down length wise. I rinted love on the pc to the required size, in this case 4". I then placed each letter on the end of each piece and handcut it out. I sanded the edges for a nice smooth finish and then covered in patterned pape.

I chose a red, black and pink thme. I covered each letter in alternative colouredf papers, red, black, red, black. I decorated with ribbon, threads and buttons and flowers.

I filled it with pics of the boys and keith.

I am back to college tomorrow so i have to get my folders ready tonight.


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