Monday, 21 January 2008

A to Z journal of life

Just realised that i have not uploaded my A.

A is for ambition.

My journalling reads " I have a plan in life. I have made a start on this plan. I am gaining my degree at college at 32. I want better future prospects. I want to be a scientist in industry, achieving this is my ambition.

Every morning i wake up looking forward to what i can accomplish. I realise the power of ambition is the power of change. This is my journey that will lead to change.....

I have chosen my path, taken control...I will be a chemist, scientific researcher, work in the oil industry or the environment industry, but i will do it, it is my ambition.

This is hopefully thestyle i want to go along, paint and lots of journalling

Here are a few things i found on the net whilst doing reseach. They appealled to me and made me smile.

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