Thursday, 7 August 2008

Not much going on....

The weather is pants up here in the NE of Scotland which is not very good for my creative juices. We just want to curl up under the duvet and watch the disney channel all day. Where has the sunshine gone.

anyway, i spent the day tidying up my blog and added some new features, thanks to sharon and her fab blog i now have picasso galleries and snap viewing. Looks so much streamlined dont you think, lol

Anyway, i have a few sneak peaks for our upcoming craft event here in the NE featuring Dyan Reavely of blonde moments and art from the heart.

looks really good doesnt it. You can find all the info on sandra's blog or our main thread on UKS

Just look at this lushness that arrived from Ribbon Oasis yesterday. I cant wait to get started with it as i love browns at the moment. There is even some christmas ribbon in the bunch. Christmas in august i hear you say, well we might as well as we seem to have winter 12 month's of the year lately.

And i shall leave you with this little cutie.

I dont think the new pooch appreciates the world of crafting yet. But he better not take a fancy to my stash. He has already discovered that an embossing tool makes a fine teething chew!!!!!

that's all for now folks but i may be back later as i am restless and need to craft.

x sarah x

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LadyBug said...

He is such a little sweetie...... although I ben he would go though your stash quicker than you if you let him ;)