Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Saving the planet, lol

My head is filled with all sorts of things to make from household products after making my toilet roll book a few weeks again. So i have been going around the house looking for bits that are not tradtionally meant for crafting. Here is my list so far.

Masking tape
Insulating tape
old netting
Plactic milk bottle
Old clothes
Old books
Wood scraps
Beer mats
Board games
Toilet rolls
Acetate window panes
Lead roll
Pizza box

i am sure there is a lot more. But i have all these to hand so will start to create soon, i feel the need, lol

And on another point i have a new blog to show you. Caroline got in some loverly stuff from Buzz and bloom. She doesnt have much left as it flew out of the door very quickly. You can see it here.

But Buzz and bloom have a really inspirational blog. It is so bright and funky and has given me loads of ideas. You can see it here. Hope it brings you some ideas.

I will be back later as i spent some time on Saturday sorting all my ribbon out. OMG, i need to stop buying it, lol. My friend Fiona challenged me so i will show you what i did with it later.

X Sarah X

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