Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Our grand day out.

We decided to go out into the local area on saturday as it was the last weekend before the boys went back to school. Jobee shamed us into appreciating our surroundings with her own grand days out all over the place so off we travelled with the dog and his first adventure out as he is now fully jabbed and protected.

We started off at Banff for a bit of fresh air at Duff house. This is a beautiful old building and deserves plenty of pictures taking of it.

The boys then had a play on the park and watched a football tournament that was going on. Alex discovered his football club had a team out so we watched that as well, very pleasant.

We then drove to Port Soy as the sun come out. We walked aroung Loch Soy, its a tiny boating lake really with a grand name but its still very nice. Koby was not happy being on his lead but coped well, lol. Nearly dragged Alex into the lake at one point to get the baby ducks.

The boys then went on a great wooden obsticle course. They had fun timing themselves doing the course, with a little cheating. So i decided to have a go as well and with a lot of cheating and nearly ripping my boobs off when i fell of the top of the cargo net i beat both of their times, lol. Boy did my ample boobs ache later!!!

We walked into the Village of Port Soy then and down into the pretty harbour. Koby was doing well but stating to get tired. His little 12 week old legs where doing over time.

After our walk we had some lunch back at Loch Soy before heading a bit further along the coast to sandend beach. We love this beach as it is wide and very sandy with very little visitors. Also Keiths job at Glen Glassaugh Distillery sits right on the headland looking down onto the beach. So we had a tour of the distillary and keith explained what was where and where the new visitors centre is going etc before making our way to the beach.

Koby just loved the sand after a few exploritory sniffs. But his first love was the sea. He was straight in there when the boys went for a paddle. I was scared for him as at one point a huge wave took him away but he doggy paddled his way onto the beach and was back into the sea after a shake down, lol

and that was our grand day out. We had fun, got lots of exercise and spend very little as well. We will be doing this again soon.

X Sarah X


jo said...

Looks like you had a fantastic day out - bet the poor wee soul was worn out after all that!!

LadyBug said...

Koby is just the sweetest little dog. good job you don't live closer I might have to come and dogKnap him from you ;)