Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Exam blues...........

I had a revision session today for maths and experimental design. It was awful. I have no idea what i am suppossed to be doing even thought i was fine all the way thru the semester. The lecturer reackons we should be able to tell just by looking at the question which experimental test to perform, i dont think so. I then had a studies skills lession to show me how to draw mind maps to aid my revision and it is not going to help me at this late stage. I have to much on my mind to try and concentrate on learning something new.

I have come and cryed again. I am so stressed and fed up. The house was freezing as the heating is not set to come on till 4. I had to clean the coal fire out and chop sticks to light it. Alex needed help with his home work and DH forgot to take out mince yesterday from freezer when i asked him so now i have to cook from scratch.

So frustrated. Got my timetable today and i have an extra half hour put on my exams because of the dyslexia. I am mixed minds about it. Will it be a good thing or a bad thing. What if the exam is going bad, di i wont to sit there stewing for longer or equally if it is going bad the extra time may allow me to sort it out.

It is day for of my journal and i have not put pen to paper. I knew i wouldnt if i am honest with myself. I will just have to catch up on the 15th, lol

It is so cold here. I am a winter kinder girl, i love the cold, frost and snow but combined with the wind and rain that we are experiencing, i just wont to hide away.

Thats my loney cry over.

I got my first secret santa present today. I was some loverly felt flowers. Oh how i love flowers. I have a little inkling into who it is but i will wait for the big surprise at the end.

Off to revise again

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