Sunday, 2 December 2007

On the first day of Christmas..............the scrapfairies brought to me..............

I got a little package in the post today. It was my prize for winning the house monthly challenge over on UKS with my natural love LO. The package contained a vast selection of various sized and colured prima flowers. I obsolutely love prima flowers and put them on everything, even my LO's of the boys and Keith. This was such a great prize and i cant wait to put them in use, lol. Thank you scrapfairies. I took loads of pictures so will update this post later.

I shall be dropping of the face of the earth for the next two weeks as i am revising for my uni exams all next week. The craft stuff is getting locked in the craft room and keith can hide the key.

I have just spent 2 hours adding a juke box to the blog filled with my eclectic taste, so i hope you like it.

Spent ages last night filling the kids advent calendars up with sweets. I went mad and put a whole tin of quality streets between the two calendars. I feel guilty that they are not going to be as spoilt as they usually are now that i am not working so over compensated i think!!!!

Its also time to start filling in that christmas journal. I have my crop tomorrow so shall make a start there.

Off to bed now as its very late.


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