Sunday, 9 December 2007

Sunday 9th December

Where do i begin. Its the day before my first exam and i feel i know nothing. Hopefully the pressure of the exam and seing the question in front of me will kick start some thinking from me! I cant concentrate with the kids around so i will do a bit of revision tonight and tomorrow morning ready for the xam in the afternoon.

Some good news..... I got an email saying i had been chosen as guest DT member for the month of November for Make the moment last, on online craft shop. I am so pleased and look forward to the opertunity to play with some of their stash and come up with something unique in my style.

We had a massive family wood chopping session yesterday in readyness for christmas and winter. Keith was on the ex pallet cutting up and i was kindling chopping. Alex helped me bag up the sticks whilst Dan helped keith pile up the large wood chunks. It was a freezing day but it felt great when we had piled it all up and restocked the living room.

Here are a few pictures

If you are wondering what the swimming goggles are for, the boys reckoned they were getting saw dust in their eyes, lol

That's it for today as i am off to hibernate in front of the coal fire and watch a bit of catch up lost on dvd.

Bye for now

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