Sunday, 2 March 2008

BIA Project Swap

I have just organised my first swap over on UKS. I decided to base it around the wonderful BIA machine as I love this little blue baby, so versatile.

Anyway the swap was to make a project of your choice no bigger than A5 size and to spend about £7.00. I had 30 ladies of all abilities, new BIA users to seasoned pro's, join in with the swap.

I really loved doing the swap as there was lots of funny chat in the thread and loads of advice for those new to the BIA. The projects that have come in have been excellent, varying in styles and colours.

Well done Ladies for making the swap such a success.

As promised here is a Gallery of each groups projects. Now i might get some mixed up as there was so many of them, so bare with me.

Group 3

1. Katie Squirrel

2. Voodoo Vixen

3. Molsmum

4. Fperkins

5. Jeansan

6. Von

7. SA Bee

8. Princessmowgli

9. Beadie Am

Sorry Amanda, one of your pics got double exposed and i realised too late.

10. Nic B

Group 2

1. Smelly (Me)

2. Molsmum

3. UKali

4. Ffroggie

5. Scrapnanny

6. SamG

7. Just a bean

8. Pink Chocolate

9. Kron

10. Gemma UK

Group 1

Something strange has happened with my order here so i apologies if the wrong name goes for the pic. Just let me know and i will edit it.

1. Smelly (ME)

2. Frizzy

3. Voodoo Vixen


5. Scrapcomber

6. Beadie AM

7. Jobee

8. Ceruleanblue

9. Jafman


I have had such a great time doing the swap that i will be doing another on UKS in a few weeks and one on Carolinez Craftz Forumz as well. I am also starting a BIA challenge section on Carolinez as well, so head over in the next few weeks and come and have a play.

TFL and i am sure you will agree the ladies did a stunning job with their projects.



Julie said...

Wow! they are all stunning. would be happy with any of them. Thanks for doing this Sarah. I'll definately be joining another of your swaps. Love it and the company.
Julie aka Jafman

Sarah (UKS Smelly) said...

Glad you enjoyed it Julie. Thanks for taking part

Zulkijora said...

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vixen said...

they are fab. some really nice designs. i dont have a BIA :( but think i will have to get one soon.

from boland:)

Sandra at Gotta Craft said...

Only just found your blog and I can tell I'll be visiting regularly. You've got great style and offer great inspiration