Friday, 21 March 2008

Happy Easter

Its good Friday here but there is nothing good about it. Its so cold and windy, with abit of snow chucked in as well. So miserable.

The boys are off school today so we did a bit of each painting. I bought polystyrene eggs for them to decorate. We decided we would make them all crackly with Tim Holtze crackle paint. Remember to not heat polystyrene eggs with a hot heat gun!!!!! Not a good result, looks like a shrunken alien.

So then i had to stand and blow eggs the traditional way, boy did my ears hurt afterwards. We did one each and a spare. A few hours later we have some funky eggs covered in stickles and tim holtze.

Now for some crafty news. Today is the launch of a year long competition over on sprinkles and the forumz. Here is all the information.

A year long challenge to get you scrapping :)
Welcome to our brand new challenge, where, at the end of the year, one of our forum members will be crowned the Queen of Carolinez Craftz and will recieve a fantastic prize.

The rules are simple, each time you join in with chat and challenges here, you will be awarded a certain number of points. The person who has gained the most points by December 31st will win the prize!

So, the more involved you become in the forum, the more chance you have of winning. See, we told you it was simple.

Below are a list of the points you will receive for each forum activity. Just keep a note of yours in your signature line (we will be checking too),and the Points Collection thread here and let the fun begin!

Joining in with the daily general chat thread:- 10 points per day (no matter how many times you post in a day)

Joining in with the fun and games section:- 5 points per day (no matter how many times you post in a day)

Adding a photograph to the photography challenge threads - 10 points per photo

Using one of our Sketches to complete a layout - 15 points per layout completed and uploaded

Adding a layout to your own personal thread in the scrapbooking section - 10 points per layout

Adding a layout to one of our Use Your Stash Challenge threads - 20 points per layout

For each Weekly Class layout/project you have completed and posted in the relevant thread you can collect 30 points for.

If you have completed one of out Bind It All projects and added a picture to the relevant thread you can collect 30 points.

If you have used any of our Chipboard or C Thruz Mini Books share your pics with us and they are worth 50 points each.

Leave a comment on any post on Sprinkles - show us a link to your comment on the Points Collection Thread and you will get 10 points.

Add a clickable Sprinkles blinkie to your blog. show us a link to it on your blog and get 20 points.

You can backdate your points for any classes/projects we have issued from 1st January 2008.

We will be adding chances to collect BONUS POINTS every now and then - you just need tokeep your eyes peeled for these.
So what are you waiting for - start collecting those points now :D

We will be adding stash the prize all the time and will be showing you a photo of the prize as it grows.

I hope you can pop on over and join in. We are a loverly bunch of crafters of varying styles, always willing to other advice or chat.

See you soon


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