Friday, 21 March 2008

Use up your cardstock challenge

Its Willows turn on the stash bash this month. Following on from Paula's inspirational rummage thru your ribbon challenge, Willow has gone for cardstock. Now everyone has cardstock in their collection so i am expecting great things with this challenge. Here is the chat thread where you can see all of Willows inspirational creations and the following info can be found on sprinkles.

Cardstock...I just LOVE cardstock!
There is very little you cannot do with cardstock. But you can get overwhelmed with 'bits and pieces' of cardstock...the not quite 12x12pieces.If you are anything like me, nothing gets thrown away, but hoarded and stashed away 'for later'....but when is later?

Following on from Paula's fabby 'rummage through your ribbon', lets clear up some of that cardstock you have. Take a look at what i have done, hopefully it will inspire you to do the same...find your hoarded cardstock and have some fun using it up!

Have you seen the new bazzill 'just an edge' cardstock you can buy? Here i have made my own from an off cut of need to be neat..dont worry about getting perfect scalloped edges..just cut away! I have also cut out a tag and covered it with buttons.

I am sure you will agree that Willows LO is just stunning and there is plenty more were that come from on the forumz. Louise has also added loads of doodled cardstock LO's for inspiration as well and Tracey has already uploaded a cutepie LO.

So head on over for a mooch.

Take care

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Heather said...

Some fab ideas there and great LOs, checked out the ribbon one also so will have to look out for future ones. Thanks for the link! :) Happy Easter!