Sunday, 5 October 2008

52 ways to look after yourself challenge 6

Film Festival

This week i want you to take advantage of the rubbish weather we have been having. Get that heating on, light the coal fire and just chill out for a bit.

Organize your very own private film festival to highlight your favourite actor, comedian or director. If you are doing this as a family, each pick a favourite to watch. If you are doing this alone, go for all those mushy tear jerkers, lol.

And remember, a true film festival is not complete without snacks, popcorn or icecream. Dont feel guilty about it, you need sustenance for all that viewing.

So for your LO this week i want you to create something about your mini festival or your favourite films. Have a think about why you love the same type of film all the time, why it appeals to you. Come up with some lists and again incorperate into your LO.

So here is mine. Yesterday we all stayed in PJ's for the day, got the coal fire glowing and sat like couch potatoes all day. We had a Simon Pegg day and watched " Run fat boy run" and " Hot Fuzz ". We also had a spatering of kids movies and even a christmas film to get us in the mood for the cold coming months. We had plenty of snacks thru out the day.

On my LO i have two hidden journal cards which both list my favourite all time films and why i love the type of films i do.

Cant wait to see what you come up with. Happy viewing

In the prize box this week i will add a selection of blooms. Remember to pop on over to the forum to join in. Link on the right hand side.


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