Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Our highland adventure!!!

On Monday we hit the road for a field trip for me and college. I am doing environmental rehabilitation for one of my modules. I have to find two sites, one that shows rehabilitation and one that shows degradation.

So i scoured the net in a search for a site and came across Glen Affric, just past Inverness. Glen Affric is a national nature reserve consisting of ancient caladonian forests consisting of scots pine. So we packed the car and off we travelled.

Problem one: sat nav took us 40 miles out of the way and put our final destination in a moor surrounded by sheep!!!!

Problem two: Koby, our shih tzu puppy deposited his breakfast all over Alex when he got car sick.

Problem three: serious lack of WC's in the middle of said moorland. We all had to make sure of some trees!!!

Problem four: Camera batteries died on the first shot. Note to self, check batteries. Saves going into shops for local people!!!!!!

So despite our problems, we managed to get back on course and find our location, via loch ness. The kids were fascinated when we told them the nessie stories and sat patiently waiting to see nessie for about half an hour, bless. We did see her eventually, a plastic model in the visitors centre, lol

Anyway, here are some pics including the massive hydro dam at the base of Glen Affric. I was so scared on it that i ran away and couldnt watch them walking across it. I have a deep routed fear of open bodies of water or bridges. Might have something to do with a dad who thinks it fun to try and chuck you off a bridge as a kid. Even the massive Runcorn-Widnes Bridge were i grew up, not nice.

I will leave you now before its death by pictures, lol


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