Friday, 17 October 2008

Diet update

Well yesterday was hectic as we went to Elgin to do some jobs and time just flew buy. First it was into my Local scrapbook shop for some supplies for a mini book swap i am currently in. Justine who is a fab host has organised another swap. Yhis time its a free size mini book swap in any colour/theme and upto 8 x 8 in size. There are just a few places left if you fancy joining in.

So after the lss it was into uni library to pick up a stack of text books on E coli. Took the boys and they were fascinated with how quite it was. There library is anything but peaceful apparently, i wonder why, lol.

Then it was round to check out my brother's new house. Oh it is gorgeous and i hope he will be very happy once we have decorated for him. By this time it was gone 1 ish and the boys needed feeding so i took them burger king. I am very proud of myself as i had forgotten my slim fast shake so just had a snack bag of pretzels and a apple. I didnt even contemplate a burger or chips at all and sat nibbling my apple.

Had my shake at 3 followed at 6 by creamy mushroom chicken, a jacket spud, large portion of carrots and sweetcorn. I had lots of water again and finished off the day with a banana at 9 oclock. Still really enjoying this.

Will be out tonight for our usual walk and tonight for the main meal its homemade beef burgers (WW recipe), homemade potato wedges and salad.

So motivated at the moment and thanks to all those willing me on.



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