Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Not much going on

Over the summer i was updating this blog on a daily basis but now its back to college and its getting really neglected.

I am trying to (but its not always working) to do as much of college work in the day and just a little each evening so that i have all my weekends free to craft and do family things. It means i get some me time and i know from past experience if i try and work late then i waste my time as nothing is absorbed and i just end up real cranky.

Plus side is that now i have Koby here at my heals i am not feeling so low. This time of year is going to be painful as Bonfire and novemebr have significance regarding Clausey, our old dog. This will be the first year without him.

But Koby, who will never replace him as he just a different kettle of fish, is doing his best to cheer me up. Take this morning, pouring with rain, he has a mad dash on the drive and ran so fast he fell over his own feet and somersaulted 3 times down the drive and landed in a huge muddy puddle. He ran straight in the house, tail between legs and jumped all over the cream throws on my sofa's!!!!

I have so many half finished projects on the go at the moment but hopefully i can get some finished at the weekend and update the blog with some craftyness for once.

Edited to say, I tell a lie, I have been productive. I made a couple of digi LO's using Dawn Inskips new Halloween Kit. Now i am not a digi scrapper but i couldnt resist a little play around last night. I originally bought the kit for all the embellishments as i want to print them and make a hybrid project or two.

Here is what i did first.

And then i decided to play around with the shape and made it round. I then made the paper bag paper into a round shape as well to mat the original LO on. I really like how it turned out. Dont knock my digi skills as i dont have photoshop or prefess to know how to do digi with shading and all that malarky, lol

Thats all, just a quick one to let you know i am still being productive only slowly now, lol

Sarah xxx

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