Sunday, 4 February 2007

Crafty weekend

New word for today
roseate \ROH-zee-it; -ayt\, adjective:

1. Overly optimistic; bright or cheerful.
2. Resembling a rose especially in color.

I have been busy this weekend catching up with some craft. Yesterday I spent the day thinking about the latest BOM prompt on UKS. The prompt this month was to use a colour and a emotion. I thought long and hard but could not pin point one single emotion that I was currently feeling. So I decided to make a list of all the emotions I am feeling, especially this week with not feeling too well. I then picked out colours to symbalise these emotions and put it all together. I added doodling and hand stitching. The journalling around the circle say's " I know you're feeling blue and you think that you'll never make it through, but believe, tomorrow is another day and another emotion. I am really pleased with the overall result as this is so different from my usuall style.

Feeling Blue

I have also been doing some thinking on my little 8 x 8 book of me. My first page is going to be about my mum but she is an unwilling subject. But she had a think and gave me an altered photo to use, it is in a andy warhole style, something new to try!

I also have another challenge for the aberdeen event. It is to make something using mix media, ie plastic, metal, wood etc, no bigger than 4 x 6 and hanging from a book ring. I will have to think about this as I want something original. I have seen mum's idea and it is great, ticks all the boxes.

Today we went out into the woods at the back of the garden. It was to do some research for my ecology field study project. It was so muddy and I literally slid and fell on my bum at least 4 times but great fun. Nothing like getting down and dirty. It is all terraine in there and better than any gym workout. It felt like we were in there for a short time but it was at least 2 hours.

Back to the scrapbooking

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