Saturday, 10 February 2007

Happy Birthday Steven

It is my little brother's birthday today, 29, can you believe it. Not bad for a 15 week premature 1 lb 2oz baby who was not expected to see out the week.

Word of the day
idee fixe \ee-day-FEEKS\, noun:

An idea that dominates the mind; a fixed idea; an obsession.
Well this can apply to my scrapbooking at the moment.

A winter whiteout. Well we have snow and lots of it. The kids have not been able to go to school over the last few days as the school bus could not get up either hill by our cottage. But the kids have enjoyed being out on the sledges (and so have I secretly). The feild next to mum is so steep which makes it ideal for the sledge, but its a killer walking back up to the top. My leg muscles are killing me, but it saves me going to the gym!!!

Home Sweet Home

Daniel-the sleigh king

Alex-going like greece lightening

Clause-Snow dog

I have done some scrapbooking as well. This was for a UKS challenge "scrapbooking outside the box". This month we had to use bleach on a layout. I used bleach on some old stencils to get an alphabet background. I enjoyed doing this as I have never used bleach before. Go on and give it a try, some unexpected results!!

That's me done for now. Off to get wrapped up as we are out to sledge again and hoppfully (snow permitting) I am off to my crop tomorrow.

Tattie Bye

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scraphappy aka sandy said...

love your layouts very beautiful