Monday, 26 February 2007

I am all thinked out (bad grammer but i have lost the ability to think!)

New words

sycophant \SIK-uh-fuhnt\, noun:

A person who seeks favor by flattering people of wealth or influence; a parasite; a toady.

lapidary \LAP-uh-dair-ee\, adjective:

1. Of or pertaining to the art of cutting stones or engraving on them.
2. Engraved in stone.
3. Of or pertaining to the refined or terse style associated with inscriptions on monumental stone.
4. One who cuts, polishes, and engraves precious stones.
5. A dealer in precious stones.

Well, I have had a busy 2 weeks, hence no blog update. I was snowed under with Single status stuff for work. This is a massive task aimed at getting our technical skills and knowledge appreciated.

Then I have so much college work to do, my head hurts. I have spent the night researching the effect of DDT pesticides, which was interesting and Ocean currents which was not!!!!!

I was even going to cancel my crop, but i made a new years resolution that i had to put college aside and relax with some hard earned scrapbooking. I am glad I went as it was such fun, chat and hilarity. I completed only one layout. I had some great pictures of Dan and Alex with dirty faces.

My pre crop challenge mini book is coming along nicely. I did 2 more pages, the first is the inside cover and depicts me as I am now @ 31.

The next is an introductory page, highlighting what you can expect inside the book.

We are away down to liverpool tomorrow as MIL is sick.

Love Sarah

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