Thursday, 1 February 2007

Let us have a minutes silence

New word for today

pellucid \puh-LOO-sid\, adjective:

1. Transparent; clear; not opaque.
2. Easily understandable.

Some bad news today. I cleaned out the fish tank containing Alex's birthday goldfish, Drake and Josh. They were swimming around happily and I fed them. A few hours later I went in and Drake had gone to meet his maker I am afraid. I did nothing differently!!! Lets have a minutes silence for Drake.
Alex was a little sad, more interested in looking for his poor dead body!

Here is the layout of Alex as promised yesterday.

Nightmare problems with my Laptop. It has died and I cant get my files of it. I was concerned about my scrapbook pages but I can get them from my flicker and I backed up all my digi photo's at christmas so should be ok I think.

That me for now.

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