Friday, 18 April 2008

BIA project with an accent swap

I have been hosting my second BIA swap over on UKS. It is great fun and touch wood, all seems to have gone to plan.

The theme was black and white with an accent and the accent colours were pink, green and gold.

The gold ones are all packed up ready for posting in an hour or so when keith comes home from work.

So here goes, the first batch of pictures.

If you click on a picture it will tell you the artist who made the the wonderful project.

Edited to add the other groups now as i am dumb and dont know how to hide them in the slider account, so you might as well see them all now, lol

Here is the Green group

And here is the pink group

I hope you like them and that i put them all in the right order and matching their owners, lol


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