Thursday, 3 April 2008

Stash shopping

I just had to show you this little lot i received yesterday and today from Caroline. I dont usually stash shop as i am on a tight student budget but i just had to have this little lot for my BIA projects. I justified it to DH as research for my swaps on UKS and my teaching bits at Sandra's

And here is my canvas with the additional Lavvies in position now. I am still loving this canvas, lol

That's me away again, lol



elliemook said...

Oh lucky you! Loving all the new stash (especially the little birdies - I might have to get me some of those!)
Your canvas looks fab. I wasn't sure when you said you were waiting for toilet signs but they finish it off perfectly x

Caroline said...

Gosh that stash looks so yum photographed all together I wanna buy it :D