Saturday, 5 April 2008

Spring clean

Well i was browsing tea peas when i stumbled across this really perfect if not somewhat anal craftroom. Well it got me all depressed as college work has left me grabing craft time here and there when ever i can. This resulted in alot of stuff just being dumped in my craft room.

So i had a great big tidy out. The boys where being pains so i got them to help me. We cleared everything out into the hall way and i then made a start sorting and putting it all back in.

Here are some before pictures, not the best of shots as borrowed this camera from my brother and its haywire, check out that dodgy date and i reset it everyday, arh

And some after pictures

My big comfy old chair that alex has spent most of the day sitting in reading SI magazines.

Mmmmm do you think i have a button fettish, lol

Here are some pictures of my red glass vases that i recently inherited from my Grandads house. MY nan and grandad had some loverly glass vases so i guess this is were i inherited my love of red glass from.

I have to show you these little cuties.

Dawn from Carolines forum showed us a picture of these cute little birdies she has been making. check out Dawn's blog as she has some great LO's and altered projects. Anyway these birds are called Nani birds and use can find them here. The site has templates that you print onto A4 card stock. All you have to do is print them out, trim them and glue then together. I used super glue as it was quicker.

Me and Alex spent a few hours making some and now he wants to make a bird box to go with them, i have created a monster.

That's it now after this massive post.

Tfl as always

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