Thursday, 3 April 2008

College stress

Well its going to be a lean few weeks of blog time i think as its essay season on my degree course. We were told that the essays would be evenly distributed thruout the course but they have not been. I have 3 major essays due, 4 mayor lab writeups, a marine species identification exam and a chemical identification exam. All this is in the next 3 wekks. I then have a week for revision and then the exams. I cant revise 4 subjects in a week. I am having a colllege induced breakdown at the moment.

Here is a little snippit of my current essay. It is important to me as my grandad recently died from C diff. I had never heard of this until he contracted it whilst being admited to hospital for a chest infection.

Clostridium difficile or C diff as it is commonly referred as is a spore forming bacterium usually found in the gut of individuals. Fortunately the good bacteria in your system keeps C diff under control but in some circumstances ie antibiotic use, the levels of good bacteria are reduced.

The effects of C diff range from mild symptoms such as nausea and abdominal pain to diarrhoea of varying severity and inflammation of the bowel. If uncontrolled these symptoms can become life threatening to those more at risk and can become fatal.

The aim of this essay is to explore why the public has very little perception of the risks associated with C diff and for what reasons the risks have been greatly underestimated. The essay aims to explain what the public perception of risk is, what factors can influence our perception of risk, how different groups of people judge the level of risk associated with C diff and whether healthcare associated illness is becoming a cultural normality. The essay also aims to address whether we are doing enough to combat the infection and what can we do to reduce the risks and raise awareness of the hazard.

Anyway enought of that, this is a crafty blog. I got gorgeus stash yesterday and my lavvies have arrived. I painted them last night so they will be a addition for my canvas below.

I have class kits to prepare for tuesday, i am teaching a BIA book, love or baby is the choice. I am so a BIA queen at the moment, lol

BAck to the books

See you later


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