Saturday, 3 January 2009

New year pictures

As it was the anniversary of my Grandads sudden death around new years eve time we decided to do something different and headed away from home. We went to Inverness and took the boys to see a film, bed time story. Oh you have to go see this film as it is so funny, a right feelgood film.

We then headed in to Inverness for the winter festival which was family orientatated. We didnt stay long as it was so cold, -6 and there was no where open to get any food except a dodgy kebab shop.

We watched the candle lit parade and the opening ceronomy fireworks display and headed home to a take away and a bottle of wine to see in the new year.

Here are a few pictures i took on the way

I have a vid of the fireworks but thats another time as i havent figured out how to put vids on the blog yet, such a technophobe, lol

Thats all for now folks



mandijane said...

I love those photos, they look like they belong on the front of a Christmas Card....brilliant.

Pam said...

beautiful photos sarah

misteejay said...

Beautiful photos Sarah.

Toni :o)

Jo Power said...

What brilliant photo's sounds like you had a lovely time.

Kit said...

wonderful photos

Sharon said...

Gorgeous pics you have taken there Sarah. minus 6 that's cold!! no wonder you headed home!!

Happy New Year

kikimama said...

Wow, gorgeous frosty photos!

my5bratz said...

absolutely GORGEOUS photos....makes me wish we had snow here even more..tfs