Saturday, 31 January 2009

Oh what i beautiful morning....oh what a beautiful day

Good morning readers.

I couldnt sleep so i got up very early today. Whilst i put the pooch out for a toilet break i noticed the sky was just beautiful. So i grabbed my camera which was still in the kitchen from yesterdays paint episode, lol and stood out side in my PJ's and dressing gown for half an hour just admiring the sunrise, peace and quiet and the birds twittering away. Only spoiled by the pup having a made one and running up and down at 100 mph it seamed scattering anything in his path!!!

Here are just a few of the shots, i wont bore you, lol, with my snap happyness.

So i am still full of cold and my chest really hurts but i feel in a really optimistic mood today. I am going stash shopping, we are gonna get the boys measured up for thier posh usher suits and we are gonna have spot of lunch. I also have ideas for my second scrapbook apprentice LO so all in all, looking good for the day. I hope i dont regret those words later.

Catch you later


Carol said...

wow what a gorgeous colour sky! love the black building against it! will look great in a lo....

Sharon said...


misteejay said...

The colour of that sky is amazing - glad you were able to capture it.

Toni :o)

Debs said...

Hiya Sarah - loving your Blog and these sunrise pics are superb. Would look great on a big canvas. Hard to believe that these are the real colours we see up here !

See you soon. Debs