Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Camping here we come

We are hoping to get away for a few days soon in the tent. We have had this tent for about 8 years and never used it.

The boys went out camping in the garden the other night and loved it.

Fingers crossed it stays dry and sunny. Hopefully that tornado wont work its way down from the isle of Lewis, lol.

And that;s it as we are out foraging for fruit. RAspberries and gooseberries are in full fruit so its picking time ready for jam making. The one thing i can "cook" well. I have been complimented on my raspberry jam, lol




Wrightboysmum said...

Have fun with the camping. I don't do jam I'm afraid but am envious of people who can.

jo said...

Life under canvas - can't beat it - we went to Skye last month camping and the boyus loved it. I made raspberry jam at the wekend for the first time - and its edible!!

misteejay said...

Have a super time Sarah.

Toni :o)